Is hair transplant a permanent solution?

Is hair transplant a permanent solution?

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  • Mon Mar 15, 2021
Is hair transplant a permanent solution?

Hair loss has become a common issue which people of every age group suffer from. Hair treatment comes in a variety of options. It all depends on your personal hair recovery goals, hair loss level, and treatment, recommended by the doctor. There are several factors that cause hair loss issues which can be due to family history, hormonal change, medications, Stress, or specific hairstyle. 

While consulting a surgeon, the doctor carefully verified the scalp and reviews, if hair transplantation is right for you. There are various procedures that need to look for the things that appear in your body to cause hair loss (this may require a blood test). 

What is a Hair transplant?

A hair transplant is an invasive procedure where a doctor takes the hair you have and plants it in an area where you don’t have it. The hair may be taken from your back of the head, or other body parts. Before commencing a transplant, the doctor sterilizes the area from where the hair is taken and does surgery with local anaesthesia

There are two transplant methods including FUT or FUE.

While you undergo hair transplant treatment, you can see the following benefits -

  • Natural-looking hair.
  • The outcome remains lifelong if done with correct procedures and by qualified surgeons.

If worried about the pricing part, don’t fret. Dr Meet clinic gives you cost-effective treatment. Patients need to carefully follow all the postoperative instructions given by doctors for better outcomes and maintain their area of transplant.

Is hair transplant a permanent solution?

For certain individuals, hair transplantation is not a viable option. The hair restoration treatment is done after your doctors examine and recommended doing so. Yes, Hair transplantation is a permanent solution, if done by experienced and qualified professionals. The patient does not suffer any medical consequences that cause hair loss.

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