Hair Patch

Hair Patch

Hair Patch in Indore is produced using the high-quality and skin friendly disposed cap to which human hairs are connected. This is utilized to cover the bare spots on your head. For individuals who can't bear the cost of hair transplant hair patches is the affordable, simplest and most secure option.

100% Natural Look

The patches we give to cover the uncovered part is produced using 100% Natural Virgin Human hair that causes you to accomplish a more youthful, real, natural, and more staggering look. Dr. Meets Clinic offers Trichologist Approved the premium quality of patches for different types of hairs with Ventilated Second Scalp that will enhance your appearance providing a complete natural look.

Competitive Cost

We will pick the best hair patches for the treatment by assessing your hair style, shading, surface,and the customer's age. Additionally, we guarantee you of the great quality items utilized by our experts which make us unique from other professionals. You can contact us to get the best hair solution at the competitive Hair Patch Cost in Madhya Pradesh.

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